In November 2004 some friends and I began seriously discussing how we might work together on and what on, and shortly afterwards Project X Presents – a network of like-minded creative people, was born. Some eighteen months of networking and planning later we produced our debut event “Like Fxck” at the Epic Skate Park.

Celebration at Project X PresentsCello Song at Project X PresentsReginald D Hunter at Project X Presents

We are now proud to announce that tickets are now available for our next event on November 3rd at the Rainbow Warehouse in Digbeth as a part of the Gigbeth music festival.

Like our debut event, this is what we have come to call an “omnimedia experience”. What this means is that when planning the event, there is no type of media, or artistic practice that we exclude from our thoughts, and that we attempt to take all these differing strands and weave them together into one continual experience.

Many varied kinds of music make up a major part of the event, but stand up comedy, physical theatre, visuals, set design and even aroma are all employed to serve the narrative of the experience and dazzle your every sense!

This involves a great deal of planning, three stages and around 80 participants and if the first event is anything to go by, a remarkable and memorable experience for participants and audience alike.

More details of the line up will be announced over the coming two months, but in the meantime, please remember that we only put on these events once every couple of years or so and that each one is unique, so dont take any chances and visit our box office today!

Tickets are £15 and if you want to show willing and support our efforts (due to the scale of the production there’s a good chance that we won’t get paid anything) you can earn our undying gratitude by buying one of our philanthropic £20 tickets.


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