So I’m getting back up to speed after a weekend away at the lovely Shambala Festival. Its been the only festival of its kind (ie predominantly music based and set in a field) that I’ve been to this year, and for a few years come to that (excepting Edinburgh which is a general arts festival and set in a city – a similar but definitely different experience).

Its a mid size festival – a few thousand people mostly from Birmingham (ie Moseley) and with a heavy Bristol contigent and fair dosage of Brightonians. It’s organised in part by the good people of Jibbering Records in Moseley and consequently reflects their taste which tends towards world, reggae, funk and hip hop, particularly anything which intelligently combines some or all of these styles/influences.

One of the highlights for me was the Freefall Collective – a live band playing breakbeat rhythms and a solo artist called Richard Walters who’s intense and reflective songs are pretty interesting and matched by a flexible and beautiful voice.

There was lots else going on around the site, good food, lots of random and amazing sights, particularly in the forest where a combination of sculptures of various kinds, lights and sound installations made for a magical atmosphere at nighttime.

It was good to see the work of various Project X Presents participants in action including Rick Waterworth of Slick Events great lighting in one of the main tents, and Martin Vernon’s contributions to the sculptures in the forests.



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