I’ve had a note to blog about this fine podcast for a little while, and as it happens, I’ve just heard that one of my tracks Sensawunda is included in the latest edition.

Sensawunda is a nice, gentle little piece based around one rhythmic motif repeated in harmonic patterns that generate a slightly otherwordly sort of feel – hence the name which as you might guess is a bastardised version of the phrase “sense of wonder”. The abbreviation is not my own, but is in fact a popular term in the appreciation of science fiction writing. The piece is in two parts with the second a repeat of the first but with a lilting arpeggaic figure added in the left hand.

Getting back to Brumcast – its a longstanding and regular podcast with a good variety of local music, mostly bands. I’ve listened to a few and found the quality to be consistently pretty high. The presenter Little Chris keeps his intros fairly short and sweet and lets the music speak for itself, and it speaks very well indeed of the quality and diversity of the music of Birmingham.


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