I had an enjoyable Myspace related experience today. I spent a little time recently adding members of the Steve Reich group in the hope that some of them will enjoy my piano music and I came across Return of Simple. You can listen to some of their tunes on their page and if you enjoy that experience as much as I did, then there’s a link to buy the album on Itunes as well.

The obvious comparison (as mentioned on their site) is Ben Folds, but actually Im not really famililar with much of his music, so cant commment there.

I can hear some Steve Reich influence, its composer/pianist Rob Kovacs who is a fan. And his vocals remind me somewhat of one of my other favourite artists Aqualung.

The piano playing is superb.

The music is mostly upbeat and warm, but with a real emotional core, there’s some great rhythm, nice chords, and excellent vocal harmonies. Some of said harmonies and the interesting chords reminds of Brian Wilson and my lovely partner Lyndall will also be pleased to hear that they remind me a little of her favourite Aussie band The Whitlams. If she agrees then we can guarantee the album is going to get a lot of listens at our place (I’ve just put it on twice in a row).



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