Had a very chilled Sunday evening at a Custom Made Event in the garden area of Digbeth’s newly re-opened Rainbow.

Local Breakbeat DJs and promoters Marc Reck and Boogie Dave and Lopan were playing, backed by a superb visual crew from Hereford and with Ambient and Chill Out legend Mixmaster Morris opening up.

Excitingly, Mixmaster Morris played my track Namaste from a CDR of Valentine Court Flat One which I had given him when I saw him once before. He mentioned that he had played it at the Big Chill Bar in London and ten people came up to him and asked what it was, which is very encouraging news.

Morris was also kind enough to point me in the direction of a couple of great record labels covering the contemporary music scene that embraces ambient, chill out, minimalism and the meditative. Also it turns out that Morris’ partner in the Big Chill is a big Brian Wilson fan, so its possible I might yet end up singing some Pet Sounds tracks at the Big Chill Bar in the future.

This comes after an exciting Saturday afternoon in which a chance online encounter via the New Music Strategies newsire and an interesting article on the ethics of art in advertising in Ten 4 Magazine lead me to Type Records, a great local label who are one of the biggest Ambient labels worldwide.

I’m going to follow this post with another detailing some of the labels that I’m excited about as possible partners in future releases of Valentine Court, and to experience and share the great music from their existing rosters.


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