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Jake Shimabukuro

I’m really looking forward to getting some video of my piano stuff on Youtube and this site, but frustratingly my good buddy Leon Trimble (aka VJ Chromatouch) has shot me twice on stage but due to a technical problem has fried a circuit on his camera each time he has tried to capture the image....Continue reading

Music and Life

I recently read an excellent book on “The Way of Zen” by Alan Watts – its in two parts, the first a history of Zen which is enjoyable enough and useful context, and the second an inspiring exploration of it. Mentioning this on a forum, someone helpfully sent me a file with a number of...Continue reading

Giovanni Sollima II

I was hoping to have had some video of me playing some of my piano pieces up here long ago, but no luck so far. Twice I’ve been filmed by my friend Leon Trimble (a very fine VJ) – the first time early this year, the camera blew a circuit when Leon tried to capture...Continue reading

Giovanni Sollima

This stunningly beautiful piece from Italian cellist/composer Giovanni Sollima provides the kind of engaging multimedia experience that I’m looking for with my plans for a still image and music based virtual album on this site and future plans for moving images. Enjoy! Rich Xx
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