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Max Richter vs Catweasle

I recently came across the music of Max Richter – I think via LastFM which has this to day about him: “Though he has a strong background in the canons of classical music, his influences were more modern composers and in particular, Iannis Xenakis whose musical compositions applied mathematical and physical laws and Philip Glass...Continue reading

Lyndall in images

Using a photo montage application from a company called One True Media, Bob Baker has created a video to the music of my track Lyndall from my album Valentine Court (currently available as a free download from this site). You can view the video here. Thanks Bob. Xx

These peaceful times

It may surprise you that we most probably live in the most peaceful time in human history. One of the things Im looking forward to about having more down time in Australia is watching some interesting video on the internet. A little while ago I booked marked (using delicious) a site called TED which gathers...Continue reading

Namaste in pictures (Laura Esker)

Laura has produced another one of her videos comprising some her lovely wildlife photos along with some images of me from flickr which I neglected to initially mention, were taken by Emily Tavakoly. This time the piece concerned is Namaste, a piece which you can of course download for free in MP3 format on this...Continue reading

Sensawunda in pictures

As synchonously as you like, just as yesterday I was posting bemoaning the fact that my music isn’t represented yet in video form, a friend from an egroup was messaging me asking about putting some of her photos to some of my music. Of course I was really pleased by her offer and her presto,...Continue reading
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