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The idea of rebirth or life after death seems common to the major religions, I suspect for two main reasons. The first being that two thousand odd years ago people’s understanding about physics, biology etc were limited and it was easy for them to imagine continuing after death. Polytheism and Animism were rife, and so...Continue reading

Meditation reviewed by CNN

For a couple of years now I’ve been meditating regularly at the Birmingham Buddhist Centre in Moseley. Here’s a nice little review from a CNN journalist attending the London Centre for the first time which gives a flavour of the experience: Meditation – the key to calm Rich Xx

Work and Life

If I set myself reasonable short term goals in line with my longer term aspirations, I can maintain an even and achievable flow of work. If I work well I can keep up with the flow of work, feeling engaged but not overly pressured. If I feel engaged but not overly pressured I can take...Continue reading

Science and Spirituality

I’m really enjoying the fact that there is a fast growing consensus between the scientific outlook and tradition, and the spiritual. People miss how much commonality there is between the two when they want their spiritual beliefs to show them something beyond what science is capable of describing. I can understand that, because if science...Continue reading


It’s probably going to become fairly quickly apparent to readers of this blog that I’m not a religious person (in the usual sense of the word). Judged by what I understand to be the conventional meanings of the terms, I am agnostic, but leaning heavily towards the side of the atheist. However I sincerely hope...Continue reading


So what is this blog going to be all about? I’ve got a number of motivations for doing it if I’m honest. A key part of it is that I’m trying to make it in some way as a musician and I hope that by getting my music out there and working on this site,...Continue reading
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