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A dream of a death

I never used to experience the presence of people in my dreams, but lately have been more often. This morning I experienced the presence of my old friend Wigg. Wigg was a work colleague at the office job I had during all of my Twenties. Like many of us he didnt like it there much,...Continue reading

Record Deals

Having reviewed my finances this morning, its clear to me that of the three main acivities in the work side of my life, at least one more of them needs to be earning me some money (being involved in stand up comedy does earn me some money – after a lengthy apprenticeship – whereas my...Continue reading

Five Phase Structure

The fascinating process of developing a structure for the 2008 Project X Presents event continued last night. First we took the various different ideas we each wrote down at our previous meeting and having noted a reasonable amount of commonality between them, amalgamated them into one document, which had the interesting effect of setting the...Continue reading

Experiential Narrative

As part of ongoing discussions amongst some Project X Presents core members as to what direction to take with our event planned for next year, we had a fruitful discussion last night centering around experiential narratives. Our first event in 2006 was based around a simple experiential narrative, a three part structure attempting to define...Continue reading

These peaceful times

It may surprise you that we most probably live in the most peaceful time in human history. One of the things Im looking forward to about having more down time in Australia is watching some interesting video on the internet. A little while ago I booked marked (using delicious) a site called TED which gathers...Continue reading

Spiritual development, a narrative

Inspired in part by an excellent Project X Presents meeting last night in which we discussed possible narrative structures, I found myself thinking this morning about the evolution of spirituality through the ages and ways it can be categorised. From my limited knowledge so far, the progression seems to go something like this: Animism, polytheism,...Continue reading

Good Energy

Finding out from the blog Birmingham Its Not Shit that today is Blog Action Day and the subject is the Evironment, has reminded me to blog about something Ive been meaning to for a while. Its easy to feel that in a massive planet full of industry regulated by governments that we as individuals can’t...Continue reading


I spent this weekend on a retreat organised by the Birmingham Buddhist centre, where I have attended a class on meditation and Buddhism every Thursday for the last two and a half years or so. The theme was the system of meditation as taught by the FWBO (Friends of the Western Buddhist Order), the organisation...Continue reading

Citizenship Ceremony

Last week one afternoon my partner Lyndall became a British Citizen at what was an intriguiging, amusing and occasionally touching ceremony at Birmingham Council House. The whole thing was an odd mix of old and new, and in splendid piece of opportunistic comic effect, the Council cast an ex-Tony Blair impersonator in the main role...Continue reading

To be Buddhist, or not to be.

People sometimes ask me if I’m a Buddhist and I often struggle with the answer. Sometimes I give the suitably paradoxical but largely useless answer “yes and no” but that hardly advances the debate unless the other person wants to get into a fairly in depth conversation about it, which of course, they usually don’t....Continue reading
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