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Stand Up Comedy

Kent Valentine – Adelaide Fringe

Its a smallish weeknight audience at the cost little downstairs venue at the Rhino Rooms – just ten or so people and one enormous moth which Kent Valentine has a bit of fun with, eventually shooing it out the back door with some assistance from the sound man. Such a small crowd and another hot...Continue reading

Daniel Kitson – Adelaide Fringe

I mentioned Daniel briefly yesterday as one performer who has moved some way beyond the cut and thrust of the blokish weekend comedy club. In fact, this is exactly where he cut his teeth – he was known for long time as the “circus ringmaster” of some of the liveliest and toughest rooms in the...Continue reading

Josie Long – Adelaide Fringe

I sorta have the impression that Josie Long is part of a movement in UK comedy. Since the birth of alternative UK comedy in a strip club in London, it has expanded massively to the huge scene today – it has itself become the mainstream. Of course thats the way things go and – its...Continue reading

Laurence Clark – 12% evil

The most immediately obvious thing about Laurence Clark is his wheelchair and the cerebral palsy which causes him to slur his words a little. Clark is disabled (according to the British legal definition). Given that we meet him in the context of him being a stand up comic, an early thought is – will this...Continue reading

Mark Watson – Adelaide Fringe

Mark Watson sits in the audience at the start of his gig looking quietly innocuous if a little tense. At a signal from an usher, he explodes into life and what sounds like a stream of consciousness introduction to the show, setting an incredible pace and explaining the situation to the audience in great detail....Continue reading

Josh Thomas – Adelaide Fringe

You can see theres a bit of a buzz around Josh Thomas. He’s an engaging and clearly talented performer who most likely has a very successful future ahead of him. Its difficult not to feel slightly agist watching him cos he’s still only 20 and looks it (if not younger) so his level of ability...Continue reading
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