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Self Promoted Concert

The dust has settled on my latest attempt at concert promotion. I didnt realise until after it was over what a big deal it was for me to perform for a full evening (I did two sets of around 45 minutes) without doing anything less than what I consider my best material. This did include...Continue reading

Das Land Ohne Musik Review – Evening Mail

“The evening was opened by pianist Amelia Moscardo who, in her first public performance for some time, played some of her favourite pieces to the images of her homeland, the foothills of the Pyrenees. She was warmly received by the diverse audience. Next up was local pianist, Rich Batsford, performing his own original compositions. Inspired...Continue reading

Das Land Ohne Musik Review – Birmingham Post

Das Land Ohne Musik Review – Birmingham Post Einstellung will be familiar to avid music fans in Birmingham, having released their debut single on local label Bearos. They were ably supported here by composer Rich Batsford who combined circling piano melodies and patterns reminiscent of Steve Reich. Each piece brimmed with an inherent sense of...Continue reading

Bohemian Jukebox Review

Well it was an interesting gig as it turned out, something of a learning opportunity for me as a performer. I think after this one, I might feel quite a lot more relaxed at my next solo performance. The following review tells the story of the night extremely well, and very amusingly. Its taken from...Continue reading

Early Comments

Although I’m yet to distribute any of my music in earnest, a few people have heard it via podcasts, CDR promos and myspace. Here’s a few of the kind remarks I’ve received so far, with thanks to all concerned. Rich Xx “excellent first album …. Steve Reichian music” Birmingham Post “somewhere between Esbjorn Svensson and...Continue reading
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