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Frail body, fertile mind, eyes with glittering spark behind their gentle gaze. Hints of depths and will unfazed by life’s surprising accolades betray a spirit rare and fine. No words, no poet’s elegy can evidence the energy that you define, the vital spark that cannot end, which by your living well you comprehend and by...Continue reading


Great poem from Lyndall – heres a taster, but read the full (on) rant here. the War on Terror (is it not just with ourselves?) the War on Drugs, addiction. off ya face, outa space. binge drinking, what were we thinking? NHS, Medicare, medicate. numb this, numb that: Glaxo Smith & Klein. test this, test...Continue reading


Clinging on to consciousness to try and start the day. Awake from deep and troubled sleep, feel pressure straight away. Eat my breakfast in the sun, feel cold anyway, watch a pigeon watching me and wonder what he’d say. Reflect on all my situations, tangled webs and complications, muddled goals and gaping holes, fractured people,...Continue reading
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