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Impressionism in Art and Music

Some favourites from a visit to the Impressionism exhibition in the Art Gallery of South Australia. I found it a very moving experience, with each section moving onwards and culminating in the wondrous ‘Water-Lily Pond, Symphony in Rose’ by Claude Monet. I’ve long felt the French composers of the era, some of whom were also...Continue reading

Buddhism and Myanmar

Like many people I’ve been shocked by the horrific violence in Myanmar, but perhaps especially because its been perpetrated by Buddhists and I am a Buddhist myself.  I condemn violence in any form – as a Buddhist, one might think that goes without saying, but sadly, this issue, and others before it, suggest otherwise.  I...Continue reading

March for Marriage Equality

My partner Lyndall and I are heading into Adelaide city today for the Marriage Equality march. It might seem like an odd choice for a couple who’s longevity is living proof that you don’t need to get married to be happy! But, its not about marriage really is it? Its about choice, about fairness, the absence...Continue reading
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