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Ben Drummond

Ive been following local artist Ben Drummond for a while now – bia the internet that is, I’m yet to see him live tho he plays at the Jamhouse regularly. He’s a multi-instrumentalist with a good voice and has produced some fully realised songs on his myspace page. He’s also a full time session guitarist...Continue reading


I’ve been twittering (or micro-blogging as you could call it) for a few months now, which may explain the slight drop off in regularity of posts on here. My twitter page is – so if you fancy keeping in touch via the medium of 140 character updates, you know where to find me. At some...Continue reading

Congratulations to Created in Birmingham, now how about a review site?

First off many congrautlations to the Created in Birmingham team who with the benefit of wholehearted support from big swathes of the Birmingham creative scene, recently won an award for Best UK Blog. Its thoroughly well deserved too. This post was also inspired by a typically thoughtful and insightful post from Pete Ashton and some...Continue reading

Birmingham’s Big City Plan

Amidst the vastness of modern society, many of us feel we are used to having our views mostly ignored by those pulling the levers of power and so its all too easy to end up carping from the sidelines and simply wishing things were different, but refreshingly, the powers that be in Birmingham are going...Continue reading
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