Candle_flame_(1)Like many people, I’ve felt deeply touched by the tragedy that took place in Orlando and the other similar incidents in recent years. Its hard to know how to respond. There’s petitions to sign and I’ve spent a good while on the internet having conversations where I encourage people to try and see past their prejudices and fears, with a keen eye to further examining my own. Just little things, but what else can I do to make a change?

In the end, it happened, and we can’t change that, so there has also to be some kind of acceptance. Perhaps also we can take it as a spur to live our lives ever more deeply, with more commitment and most of all, with more love. To some extent, whatever we do is our answer – to continue to invest our energies in the things we love and believe in and to try and relate those things as best we can to our highest goals and ideals.

To that end I want to share this piano improvisation which I recorded with the differing feelings of grief, despair, love and hope all swirling around. As a tribute to those lost in this particular tragedy, especially the young, I’ve titled it “Orlando’s Bloom”.


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