Love and MercyIts been an emotional couple of days having watched Love and Mercy a biopic about a very remarkable guy who had a huge impact on my life.

For people who know me only through my piano music, it may be a surpise, but Brian Wilson, formerly of The Beach Boys, is probably my personal favourite musician of all time. Im thrilled to say I think its an amazing movie (as do the critics) and I thoroughly commend it to you.  Whether you’re into Brian’s music or not, its a fantastic study of an artist and his life.

To celebrate, Ive put together a Spotify playlist featuring the most beautiful tracks right from the start of the Beach Boys output, through their most creative period in the mid sixties through early seventies and right into Brian’s more recent solo work.  I’ve left off the many more upbeat and poppy hits, but you probably know them already. Instead, if you fancy a two hour trip through lush imaginative, almost orchestral arrangements, brilliant melodies and of course, breathtaking harmonies, then do please enjoy this play list.

A while ago, on my song album, Mindfulmess I released my own tribute to Brian Wilson, a cover of his lovely and touching I Just Wasnt Made for These Times, joined with my own song in reply – Guessing Again. Its here if you fancy a listen 🙂


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