What is colour without an eye?

Presumably there must be some kind of objective reality out there, the similarity of our individual experience seems to show that clearly, even tho we know that in truth reality is quite different from the way we usually experience it.  What is lt really like ‘out there’?  Of course we cannot know, at least not as long as we experience it as an object, separate to ourselves.

I wonder if, without us to experience it, reality is quite drab.  Without this tremendous gift of our various senses to appreciate things as we do, can there be beauty?

What if our purpose is to know beauty, like the universe waking up to the experience of its own wonderful richness?

Yet what is beauty without an ethical dimension, mere surface attraction?  Perhaps our greatest gift is a yet unnamed sense, the one that appreciates, kindness, generosity, love?

Even as our other senses offer us a glimpse into the amazingly variety and colour of reality, is there one attuned to its unity, its interconnectedness, its harmony?


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