2013-02-21 05.30.41Some while ago, I noticed a lump growing on my little finger.  The first time I mentioned it to a Doctor, they seemed dismissive, probably assuming it was a harmless ganglion, which would most likely go away by itself.  It continued to lurk, so when I showed it to a Doctor again, this time they were more concerned and sent me for Xrays and ultrasound to investigate further.

By this time, the lump was growing and starting to cause my finger to bend in, which raised the worrying prospect that I wouldnt make it through to the end of my run at the Adelaide Fringe.  Thankfully I did, tho by the time my scheduled surgery came around, my finger was bent round almost into my palm.

Thankfully the surgery was a success and the lump is gone.  It turns out to be due to Dupuytrens which causes a thickening of connective tissue.  As I also had a similar lump on my foot, there’s a relatively high chance of it coming back, but this time, knowing what it is, we can look at other treatment options sooner in the process and hopefuly, avoid further surgery.

Meanwhile, I need a bit of a rest from piano playing, but am looking forward to getting back to practice soon, particularly as Ive got lots of piano music written, which I need to learn how to play well enough to share with all you kind and lovely listeners.


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