Im heading down to Brighton tomorrow to play piano in a small theatre production called “An Intimate History” as part of the Brighton Fringe.

When I say small, I do mean it – this is a show that is performed by one actor to one audience member at a time. You can’t get much more intimate than that!

The 5 minute pieces are inspired by text taken from Zeldin’s ‘Intimate History of Humanity’ – a fascinating sounding book which to quote an Independent review is an “audacious and thought-provoking work which presents history as a liberating force, one which can reveal the multiplicity of human possibilities, and thereby free us from the impasses of the present.”

Jake Oldershaw has written some absorbing and entertaining texts, set very ably to music by Derek Nisbet – who happily has a knack for writing music that is engaging and very tuneful and not too difficult to play.

Im looking forward to the experience – playing for up to six hours a day is going to be a challenge – Im not yet completely sure it wont drive me slightly mad, but its great to be earning a living for a week by playing the instrument I love.


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