Kind words are always a boost, but a compliment coming from someone who’s work I respect is particularly encouraging.

Also, despite the abundant classical influence in my music, Im never sure what reaction Im going to get from the classical community, since from my early twenties onwards I’ve been much more into other kinds of music and not really a part of the classical community.

So I was doubly glad to a message from Eduardo Fernandez – a concert pianist with a big presence on the newly revamped Youtube.  Check out Eduardo’s YouTube Channel for some terrific performances of a variety of pieces from the classical repertoire from a very exciting young performer.

He was kind enough to say of my music “Woow! Your “Completion” is awesome. Really, the way you compose is genial, very nice, beautiful, surprising and relaxing… very… “Rich”!… And Completion is amazing!!”

Thanks Eduardo – in return let me say that if my performance skills ever come up to half the amazing standard you have achieved, I’ll be very happy indeed!


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