Im looking forward to heading off tomorrow lunchtime on my first week long retreat.

Ive been on several weekend retreats now and whilst I greatly enjoy them and get quite a lot out of them, there’s a bit of a feeling thats its almost over by the time Im settling in. A week should really give me some time to get deep into my meditation practice without distraction (maybe it should be called an Advance, not a Retreat!).

The venue is the Vajraloka Meditation Centre in Wales and as you can see from the pic, it looks like a beautiful spot – Ive bought some new walking boots for the occasion.

Im a tiny bit apprehensive about committing to such an immersive experience, not least because of the amount of meditation thats likely to be involved, but Ive been meditating a lot more this year (an hour every weekday morning, three hours on saturday morning, plus shorter sits as part of my wednesday and thursday evenings) so it should feel like a natural progression.

Im not taking a mobile phone and theres no internet, so this is me logging out for a week – see you on the other side!


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