I played a lovely little gig in Bristol last weekend which deserves a special mention for being the only time I can recall a classical music night in a pub.

Now many people might find this a bit strange (there being classical in a club) tho conversely Ive always found it strange that so many people who are really into music never listen to anything recorded before 1960, when some fantastic music was being written in the 1860s and even better stuff in the 100 years before that.

In fact, I absolutely adore the music of Thomas Tallis – possibly the first great English composer – who was hard at work producing sublime music (recently sampled by super-hot Electronia artist Jon Hopkins) way back in the 1560s.

Anyways, it was a lovely gig – in a pleasantly cosy bar, nestled between two massage parlours (offering me the ideal opportunity to continue the noble tradition of composers contracting syphilis!), so if you find yourself in that area, do check it out (and Id strongly recommend grabbing some food in The Canteen which is nearby.

Pls click on image left for an interview with the organisers of Club Parnassus, taken from Venue Magazine.


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