I went on another hugely enjoyable retreat last weekend my fifth or sixth overall and my third visit Padmaloka – a mens retreat centre in Norfolk.

The retreats are run under the auspices of the the Triratna Buddhist Order (until recently it was called the FWBO – Friends of the Western Buddhist Order, but the name has changed to reflect the fact that the Order is now worldwide).

It was a great weekend of meditation, talks, discussions, workshops and pujas (devotional rituals).

One of the two friends I travelled down with is known to me primarily by his Buddhist name – Alokavira but under his original name – Timm Sonnenschein, he is an excellent professional photographer. His website has recently received a makeover so do check it out, and meanwhile, heres a couple of great shots he took over the weekend, of myself and Padmavajra in rapt attention at an inspiring talk by Paramatha on the noble subject of friendship.

Rich Batsford and Padmavajra



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