The Irresistable Force
The Irresistable Force

I think of Mixmaster Morris as the John Peel of the digital age – he has an incredible, insatiable enthusiasm for new music and tho for me, Peel’s taste was, well, a bit on the noisy side, Morris leans very much to the chilled out and the ambient.

He has an extraordinary history as a musician himself as his Wikipedia page confirms in detail – producing many chill out compilations (amongst the first to do so) and remixing (his mix of Coldcuts “Autumn Leaves” regularly tops polls of best chill out tune, not to mention DJing all over the world.

And happily, he is a major social networker, so you can keep in regular touch with him on his facebook account where he posts about a lot of great music, and excitingly, for those that cant make it to his regular nights at London’s Big Chill Bar, he posts up a lot of free mixes on his soundcloud page.


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