Frail body, fertile mind,
eyes with glittering spark behind
their gentle gaze.

Hints of depths and will unfazed
by life’s surprising accolades
betray a spirit rare and fine.

No words, no poet’s elegy
can evidence the energy
that you define,
the vital spark that cannot end,
which by your living well you comprehend
and by your loving, you convey.

I drink to you tonight and won’t forget
this evening when we really met.

I hope that as these days grow long
the final cadence to your song
will bring you all the peace that you deserve
and knowing your two sons are well and strong
will put your mind at rest.

You did your best
and gave your all
you spread the news,
and played the ball.

And so, the final mystery,
the marriage of eternity
should affect you, as you did me,
with humour and with love.

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