Just a quick and belated mention to say how delightful the Mr Elephant celebration was last Saturday.

I wasnt around much during the afternoon as I was out postering for Musituality on Saturday, but I spoke to a couple of poeple who did some of the workshops and it sounds like they had a an enjoyable and educational time.

The evening was lovely. Laura-Louise and myself played acoustic sets and in a way set the tone for the evening by performing live. Much of what followed was beat driven, but all of it was live which I really felt added a lot in terms of the connection between artist and audience.

Bass 6 was a really engaging MC (and a fine beatboxer), Dub FX provided a quite remarkable wall of sound every bit as full as a well produced track, but all with his voice. But the act of the night for me, was the closing set from AlphaDrive who played a beautiful set with a brilliant, natural rhythm that was irresistable and uplifting.

Marc Reck also played a typically joyous and fun set, and additional touches such as the mask making and poodle making (on our table we defied convention and made a crap poodle out of the mask making materials) really do help add a gently fun element to the mood which all adds to the incredibly positive vibes that pervaded the Hare and Hounds all night.

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