Thought Id share my “To Do” system in case its of any interest. Its a system thats evolved over quite a long period of time and now seems to work quite well in terms of:

a) keeping me up todate with what I want/need to be doing, whilst

b) helping me avoid the feeling that everything I want/need to do is all in one big pile that comes crashing down on my head every morning.

The basic format couldnt be simpler – its a Google Word-style document which can access more or less anywhere and the entries are in simple prose style in neat 8 point verdana. Most take up only one line.

It also acts as my diary – as much of it is date specific and those that require a big chunk of time (meetings, gigs etc) or are particularly important I put in bold.

The format is this:

At the top, theres usualy one or two things thats arent vitally urgent (in terms of time) but are quite important (high priority) ie things Id like to get done in the next few days.

the current ones are:

edit footage of “Music is not Pollution” – interview Keith at Prince?
write voice over for PXP4DVD – speak to anthony davies re flatpack deadline

then after a line of space, theres the ominous:

tax return

Then theres a bunch of stuff that I specially want to do today – heres a few examples:

15/1 damon come back re May 21,22,23? – asked re ian moore or gav webster – if its a no try them on the double up dates of June 4,5,6
15/5 lynsey austin come back re contact for ray peacock?
15/1 heard confirmations from alex?
15/1 meditation with Steve, Shu & Pyn

the last entry is in bold cos it needs me to be somewhere and I like to be able view those sort of things at a glance to avoid double bookings.

Theres then a space, and a bunch of similar entries for the remaining days of this week.

This is followed by some less urgent and time critical stuff which I would like to do this week if I get the chance.

Then theres the rest of the year in date date – entry format

and finally a bunch of other stuff id like to check out or do “at some point”.

Every time I action something, I either delete the entry if its “job done”, or if my action needs following up or chasing, then I cut and paste it – most often for a week’s time (this not only ensures that I mostly dont miss stuff, but also that I roughly keep the shape to my working week.

So to recap, the format is:

1) things that are fairly important but not too time critical

2) things I specifically want to do today

3) things I want to do in the days remaining this week

4) things that are less time critical and important, but worth a look soonish (if Im too busy this stuff sometimes just gets cut and paster en masse to the end of the following week).

5) entries for the rest of the year

6) non urgent stuff that Id like to get to at some point.

So there we go – dont know if thats any help to you, but its one more thing off my list 🙂



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