Amidst the vastness of modern society, many of us feel we are used to having our views mostly ignored by those pulling the levers of power and so its all too easy to end up carping from the sidelines and simply wishing things were different, but refreshingly, the powers that be in Birmingham are going out of their way to ask us what we think, in a major consultation project.

The Big City Plan is intended to “shape and revitalise Birmingham’s city centre over the next twenty years, putting the city’s sustainability, culture, creativity, technology and enterprise at the heart of its future plans, activities and development.”

Sounds good doesnt it? Sceptics will wonder how much of this will actually happen, but surely in order to find out, its up to us, the people of Birmingham, to give them the feedback they are asking for and see what happens.

Visit the Big City Plan website for more info and access to the document itself where you leave feedback on a considerable variety of questions.

Alternatively they are posting up a question every few days which you can give feedback on by email, post or directly to the online consultation portal.

Todays question is “What Kind of shops does a city like Birmingham need?” For my money a valuable opportunity to raise the issue that our city suffers in comparison too others due to the lack of a good variety of small, independent cafes/restaurants and shops.

For those into RSS – you can subscribe to their feed here and get regular updates on the questions.

Lets see what we can do!

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