I’ve long felt that Birmingham sorely needs a really effective resource providing information on whats going on in the entertainment/arts scene and recently a number of websites have cropped up that seek to offer one.

My good friend Josh Hart – himself previously an active promoter on the scene as one of the guys behind the long running comedy show The GAG Club – and more recently one of the founders of the very successful web agency Made Media – has set himsef to the task and come up with something that looks like the leading contender.

Live Brum offers a very attractive and engaging design with all the info you need delivered via category, date or venue not to mention RSS feeds, comments and even some code so bloggers can easily advertise events on their own site.

It looks to me like a significant step towards developing a really engaged and aware audience for all kinds of events in a city which has a great deal going on, but an as yet somewhat disparate entertainment scene.



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