Gigbeth Calling

November 1,2,3 2007 sees the return of Birmingham’s msot exciting live music festival, Gigbeth.

Started last year with a promising debut, the festival looks set to be going from strength to strength this year with a much higher profile and some ambitious ideas including shutting off a portion of Digbeth High Street for part of the opening ceremony.

Excitingly, the Festival has also offerred to play host to the next planned Project X Presents event, in which we also will be building on the success of our first event and planning something similar, but bigger and better. And meanwhile we are doing our bit to secure the place of the phrase “omnimedia performance” in the English language.

Gigbeth Calling - Reverse

Gigbeth calling is a promotional CD put together by Gotham Records as a sampler of the variety and (hopefully) quality of music in the Midlands region. I’m pleased to say that they have included one of my tracks “Gudonya” on there, and that the rest of the record makes a good listen too. I don’t think the CD is expected to have a general release, but hopefully it will get some names around a bit and get the national press excited about Gigbeth.



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