The Spotted Dog is a beautiful little pub in the Digbeth area of Birmingham with a fine tradition of great music and friendly people.

The landlord runs a very welcoming establishment that acts as a real focus for people living in the area of Digbeth, in particular the Irish community, as well as playing host to parties for people of all ages from all around the city. The Spotted Dog is a fairly small building and so has bands in the garden sometimes, as well as spillover from the parties – we’re not talking heavy bass throught the night here, more often a normal size stereo.

A big block of residential flats has been built right next to the Spotted Dog and as a consequence, and a small number of residents have complained about the noise, in response to which a noise abatement order has been served to prevent them playing music in the garden.

The Fiddle and Bone was a really valuable live music venue in the city centre and was closed under similar circumstances a while ago, and recently it was shown that your chances of running an independent, community minded music and arts venue in the suburbs are no greater as the venue in the Epic Skate Park was similarly forced to close – allegedly due to the activity of one sole, obsessive complainer and a guy who wants to turn the building in front into – wait for it – expensive residential buildings and office space.

The issue here is that these venues are getting closed by a small, vocal minority at a fairly considerable cost to the many thousands of people who use them regularly. We are at risk of losing what makes it worthwhile to live here in the first place, even as we build more places to live.

People need to understand that if you live in a city – especially if you move next door to a pub or venue – there is going to be some noise.

How can we have the vibrant, alive, creative city we want if we keep letting places close?

I think its about time those of us who enjoy the nightlife that Birmingham has to offer, make our voices heard and if you agree, please visit Keep Digbeth Vibrant.

You’ll be directed to a page where you can sign an online petition. Once you’ve added your details the site then asks for a donation towards the site, but you dont have to donate in order to sign, in fact once you get to the donation page, you’ve successfully signed the petition.

Pass it on.



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