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Alternative Dubstep Orchestra review

I’ve been hearing good things about these guys and looking forward to checking them out as part of the Honeycomb Club – a monthly event at, where else, the Hare & Hounds in Kings Heath – home to so much of whats good in terms of the smaller end of the Birmingham live music scene....Continue reading

Picking a Musical Genre

Many musicians are pretty wary about puting their music in a pigeon hole and yet choosing a suitable label for your music is pretty much indispensible in terms of getting your music out there and helping it reach the ears of suitable listeners. Personally Im something of a reluctant marketer – I certainly dont want...Continue reading

Improvisation 1 – the video

I’ve rather grown to love my first foray into recorded piano improvisation, so I’ve gone one step further and produced a video for it. What Ive done is pretty straightforward, setting the piece to a series of my favourite photos from last year, but I think its come out quite effectively, the changes of images...Continue reading

Hard Work

It feels like I’m working hard at the moment. Of course that doesnt necessarily mean that Im doing more work than any other time, but it feels like heavy going. In fact, you could argue that Im hardly working at all – Im well ahead with my main work at the moment (as a booking...Continue reading
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