Just a quick update on my plans to continue making writing, performing and recording music a significant part of my life.

I’ve been playing solo live at various acoustic nights, Project X events and assorted self promoted events for three or so years now and planning to start spreading my wings a bit further afield this autumn. Unless – and maybe even if – some record or management executive taps you on the back with big plans for you, I think in this game its best to take things one step at a time, and so its mostly around the Midlands and a little further afield I’ll be venturing to start with.

I’m aiming to get these dates in October and November and create some flyers and posters with the dates on – a tour in other words, tho with the dates spread across the two months, rather than crammed into a couple of weeks.

At the same time, I’m going release a newly recorded version of my piano album Valentine Court – which Ive been giving away in MP3 form on this site for a while. Then we are looking at another Project X event in the spring which will keep me busy for a bit, until Im ready to release an album of songs in Autumn 2010. And then – who knows – some travel, a move to Australia? Time will tell, tho either way I hope there’ll be much more music to come as I already have the next album of piano instrumentals written, as well as about half of a furhter album of songs and a few more instrumentals on top of that. So a bit of a backlog really.

Wish me luck! (but not with the comments on this page as the “comments pending” bit of this site is completely filled with several hundred thousand pieces of spam).

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