The story so far – in the words of Jon Bounds of Birmingham – Its Not Shit:

  • Some people decided to do a Birmingham Twitter Festival.
  • Craig Friends of the Stars offered the band’s services as cover artistes as a raffle prize.
  • Nicky Getgood won that prize.
  • Nicky is obsessed with all things Irish and Digbeth.
  • So she, rather inevitably, chose a traditional Irish song (her favourite, Black Velvet Band) — but being a Brummie, couldn’t let the opportunity to do something special pass.
  • She “butchered the lyrics to reflect the recent Noise Abatement Order problems suffered by The Spotted Dog and The Rainbow“.
  • And then Nicky put it online and intends to get copies everywhere for the traditional Birmingham green guinness fest in March.
  • Friends of the Stars - Black Velvet Band

    Additional Lyrics by Nicky Getgood
    Arrangement by Friends of the Stars
    Recorded in Birmingham and Glasgow in Feb 2009 by Friends of the Stars
    Anna Russell - Vocals
    Campbell Docherty - Bass, Electric Guitar, Backing Vocals
    Craig Hamiltion - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
    Piano kindly played by Rich Batsford

    I didnt have long to get to know the song (busy, busy) but fortunately Nicky chose one with about three chords in, so I was able to contribute some piano tinklings – nothing fancy tho Im quite pleased with quieter verse around the 3:30 mark and I think Craig and Friends of the Stars did a great job.

    Long live the Spotted Dog and for goodness sake, lets Keep Digbeth Vibrant!

    Meanwhile, Pete Ashton has popped it on Youtube:

    Acoustic Birmingham Blog Music

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